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My Matrix Reloaded

Act Nine: Rivers of Belief

In the midst of the bustling dream world, yet another phone call was made. The phone rang three times before someone picked it up. Whoever had dialed began to talk without waiting for an acknowledgment.

"Hello Trinity. I donít know if you can hear this, or if youíre even there. Either way, I have to say this, so that youíll know, so that youíll understand.

We both know what we have to do. Thereís no way out of it. One way or another, this world is going to be changed, with or without my help. And if they have their way, it would mean that we lose, no matter what.

But, if thereís one thing Iíve learned, itís that we are capable of anything. All we have to do is believe."

The voice paused here, and for a few seconds there was no sound at all. He then continued having found the right words.

"Iím not going to accept the two choices that Fate has placed in front of me," Neo said, "I donít believe in them. Why should I? I still donít believe in Fate.

"Thatís why I choose choice number three: mine. I believe we can have this both ways and I intend to make sure we do. We will destroy the Matrix, and you will live to see it. Iíll see you soon.

...I love you."


The End.

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