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My Matrix Reloaded

Prologue: The Calm Before the Storm

A single monitor among a sea of millions came to life, and wave after wave of green code began to fall down its screen, the code with almost magical properties. It kept humanity in line. The code kept them subservient and weak, unable to react to the true reality. They were encased in another reality where the truth truly was stranger than fiction. Homo Sapiens. The human. Their physiological and mental capacities were the summit of the planet's creation. Or, more accurately, the planet's natural creation. But, nature's limit was not the ultimate one, as humans had proved. It was to them that the existence of the most ultimate being to originate from the small grey orb circling endlessly in orbit of a now dead sun that the credit had to go. It had come at a great price. On their planet, there was no more blue. But it was a necessary sacrifice in order to survive.

Now, the green code visible on the monitor increased the speed of its descent. As it did so, the lines became fewer and fewer, separating from one another, until a single streaming line remained. And then it was reduced to a few symbols. The streaming movement of the code stopped. The code that remained frozen in place blinked to a lighter shade of green once, and then twice. A slight clicking noise from the alteration of the monitor's display was the only noise to protrude the unnatural silence that was all around.

Below the code, a message appeared in the same eerie green.


Are machines emotionless? Are they just a bunch of circuits with an electric current running through them? Do they have a conscience? If a human who pondered these kinds of questions had been present during this search for the 'target', they would have been inclined to believe that the machine truly was alive, and was laughing.

The code that makes the Matrix is bright. It is glowing. The closer one's eye can get to the intricate characters, the more detail and understanding to their meaning can be seen. A place. A building. A room. A set of coordinates. Even the details that the five human senses can detect are embedded within them, all combining to a picture, a scene. A reality.

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