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Introduction to the Noodles Series

While not exactly a review, this post attempts to explain the intent behind the "Noodles" series. And in part, it attempts to answer the reviews of its taste or portrayals.

Born just after the Wachowski's and Keanu Reeves' generation, I felt that something was missing among the idealized notions of Neo in many post-Matrix fics. Very few dealt with Neo's pre-Matrix past. So, after months and months, I finally jumped into the "existing character" universe, sat down, and cranked out a series of fics peering into the events and memories of Thomas Anderson throughout his pre-Matrix life.

Snapshots of his bullied childhood, lack of friends, and outlets in music and computers. Glimpses of his lower-to-middle-class parents, his apartments, his computer jobs, his second-hand car. And especially, an exploration of his pre-Matrix flaws. His lack of ambition and direction. His lack of food, fun, and passion. Until one day, he is initiated into the hacking underworld in all its mystery and mayhem, where even a flawed love is better than none, and where its loss is the catalyst for his search.

Years before he evolved into the post-Matrix superhuman savior, Thomas was just a regular guy, with something deeper, something darker behind his innocent eyes. This is the pre-Matrix Thomas Anderson in his teens, 20s, and early 30s with all of his middle-aged flaws and frailties, who becomes a hacker and criminal, who's stubborn yet insecure, who's agonized and disorganized, and who pisses and fucks. To feel real for me, my portrayal of the character is a dirty and gritty and realistic, and at times personal, view of Thomas Anderson.

Addendum #1 ~ From the Bros' portrayal of the 1999 character, Thomas is definitely withdrawn; an apathy towards reality that keeps him on his search for Morpheus. But how did he become that way? In 1994, he lost a love, a flawed love, but love nonetheless, the same love that led him to the flawed path of hacking. I should work on this era a little more ("Really Good Noodles" barely touches upon that), to better demonstrate how his desperation transformed over the five years, turning more into his obsession of his search for answers ("her" disappearance, Trinity's disappearance, Morpheus, etc.). I hope I can find more time.

Addendum #2 ~ Next, I explore the depth of Neo's hacking skill... in a duel...

Addendum #3 ~ Most recently, I explore the life of Ghost before his freedom from the Matrix...



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