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I wake to a feeling that I seldom feel here on the ship Ė the feeling of company, someone present. We know each other too well for surprises. Familiar footsteps, familiar scent. There are no secrets; we form one consciousness whether we want to or not.

I pull the thin blanket away from my face and inhale the cold. Heat wonít be on for a few more hours. I listen. This is not familiar. I canít place it. I snuggle myself back down into my nest, opening my mind. Who is it? Tank would have knocked by now.

Whoeverís out there shuffles back and forth, as if trying to decide whether or not to enter. The slight noises fade. Are they gone?


Still there, waiting.

And then it hits me, my heart feels it and Iím positive my stomach just turned inside out.

Itís Neo.

I crawl out of my bunk, wrap my blanket around me, and go to the door as silently as I can. My hand clutches the cold steel and I push the lever down.

Heís sitting on the floor, bald head in his hands. His ass must be freezing, I think. I donít ask what he wants. He doesnít explain, either. I extend my hand, he looks up and takes it. I pull him up and we enter my room silently. He doesnít let go of my hand.

"Itís late," I tell him. "Couldnít sleep?"

I sit back on my bunk, take another blanket and pull it over his shoulders. "Can never sleep," he replies.

"How long have you been out there", I ask, still marveling over the warmth of his hand. His fingers clutch mine tightly, afraid to let go.

He doesnít answer.

"Trinity, I..."

Donít say it, Neo. Iím not ready.

But the words Iím afraid to hear donít come. "Iím so tired," he says instead. Something breaks inside me. I need to hear it. I do want to hear it. Why are you here, Neo? I search his face, his tired eyes. Do you...feel this?

"I need to be here," he whispers, squeezing my hand. "With you," he adds after a pause.

I nod. I understand. Completely.

Without speaking I lay him down on my bunk, he curls up and I fit perfectly against his back. Iíll be warm tonight.

"Go to sleep, Neo," I whisper.

And we do.

End of Transmission

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