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Youíve stepped to the edge of the looking glass.
- Trinity, The Animatrix

Catch me as I fall
Say youíre here and it's all over now.
- Evanescence, 'Whisper'


The falling form in the sky was Trinity, trapped inside the helicopter as it fell steadily to its doom. The shadow passed over Neo, and in that one instant he was numb, staring up at, for the moment, nothing at all. And then the urgent terror woke him. His mind became alert, only one thought echoing over and over again.

Save Trinity.

It gave Neoís mind the jump-start he needed, and his vision clicked from the falling helicopter up to the rope connecting it to him. It was the perfect setup. It could not fail. It had to work.

He had to save Trinity.

He swung his arm around, collecting the slack from the rope until it was tight, and then he was being dragged across the roof. He couldnít stop himself, and in those brief seconds Neo knew he was going to die. He wasnít going to save Trinity.

And he didnít.

He couldnít.

He stood at the edge of the building, hanging on, using all his strength against the tension threatening to pull him off the building and send him falling to his death below on the cruel pavement, but then, all the slack was gone, and Neo looked down, almost afraid of what he was going to see. He knew Trinity had done this, she had cut the rope, but would she be found holding on to the end of it?


Because Neo didnít save her.

He couldnít.

Neo heard nothing when the helicopter crashed into the side of the building, he did not see the enormous explosion of glass and flames, he didnít smell the smoke as it rose from the wreckage, he didnít feel the heat of the flames. He saw only Trinity, he felt the rope in his iron grip, and for the second time he heard that same voice in his head.

Save Trinity? You didnít. You couldnít.

The rope fell from his hands, still attached to his harness. He heard it smack gently against the building he stood on and his eyes didnít dare move from the edge. He backed away, waiting for Trinity to appear, alive. But she didnít.

He didnít hear the footsteps as Morpheus came up behind him, he didnít feel his saviors hand grip his shoulder, he didnít hear him speak five words, nor did he hear his voice breaking. ďNeo, we have to go.Ē His eyes were now fixed on the flames, burning higher and higher into the afternoon sky.

No, there was no sky, none of it was real. So how could Trinity be dead? She was always stronger, she was never supposed to die. But she did. She had stayed faithful to him until the end, sacrificing herself for the One. And Neo never told her the three words he wished to speak so badly, threatening to jump out of his throat every time he passed Trinity on the ship or fought her in a training sim.

"I love you."

His voice was rough, fighting tears and so much more. The flames burned in his eyes, climbing higher and higher, the flames that claimed Trinityís live.

Save Trinity? You didnít. You couldnít.

You didnít.

And he fell to his knees, sobbing. His anguish could be felt in the air, seen in the sky, heard on the wind. They were the sobs of a man who lost his will to live.

He pounded his fists into the ground, tears blinding his vision, and he didnít care. He was a broken man, and he had no reasons anymore.

You didnít.


ďNeo, there are Agents coming. We need to go.Ē

His cell phone rang, but he made no attempt to answer it, his eyes shut, fists clenched together. He whispered the three words to the blue sky, and when he opened his eyes, the sky was green.

You couldnĎt.

'Red and black
tore you down

Canít come back
one way road

Doubt yourself
all is lost

Reason to fear
lose the toss

This is a lesson to learn
unless you choose to Burn.'

End of Transmission

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