Mara Trinity Scully > Dependence


Her eyes gently open to see him there. Silent. Waiting.

She shows him no sigh of the sobbing soul within her.

But her crystal blue eyes betray her.

He sees the turmoil the rage the pain the anger the grief the ache

Burning with radiant compassion, he reaches for her and she
delicately shifts into his arms. Molded together, she senses
him destroy the cold shadows smothering her.

His heart hungers for her. As she twines her fingers in his,
he understands. He understands how much she needs him. And he
understands how much he needs her. Together, they will be
strong. Apart, the coldness will consume them.

The man whispers in her ear the only words of comfort he
can think of. "I love you"

The woman looks at him. The anguish leaves her eyes as
one salty tear falls.

And he kisses it away.

End of Transmission

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