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At what price technology?

Keep me safe. That’s all I ask. My life’s been a lie, I goddamned found that out already. It’s like living in a room, with borders and boundaries, and suddenly feeling the ground shift under your feet, walls all gone. Nothing I’ve ever known. Unsure. God, I think a blind man would be better off in New York. If such a thing exists. Shit, there I go again.

Ecology? Humanity?

Keep me safe. Hold a gun to someone’s head, pull the trigger. Make that my head, my bleeding heart you hold in your hands. Just break that cage around me, the one that exists only in my mind as my mind. Free me…? Hide me from the relentless pursuit that makes me feel like an animal. End this war, this goddamned war which should’ve never been in the first place.

It would suffice insanity

Keep me safe. Wad up Zion, our last free land, like rice paper and throw it away. Banish those images of crying children, children who’ve lost their parents to hatred, malice – our own creations, manifestations of our own nature encased in bodies of steel industry. These children – it’s like seeing a mirror. Shatter it. Shatter me. We are not so different.

O’er simple, pure advice

Keep me safe. Put me to sleep forever somewhere far away from here, where it isn’t cold anymore. Trace my tears as they fall – weave them into rivers and sail away with me. Breathe life into me, till I drift like light over the heavens, slowly floating down again like a summer’s wispy cloud. Catch me in your arms, your arms like walls; walls of protection, walls that hold me in place and don’t have to be stone.

Think twice.


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