Jennifer Jolie > Sacrosanct


i missed you

i can tell

(the rest's not important.) everything's hazy -

sex, hot but not sexy. passionate. tempestuous. not the full-skirted maidens but the dance itself. tender, not showy. all cave and candles

wrapped in sheet metal. like candy oh, but sweeter far sweeter

(this can't be
can't be what
can't be real
what can't be real?) (the question) wrappers.

can you hear the drums, fernando? i remember long ago another starry night like this in a dream somewhere. in the firelight, fernando - do you hear the people dance?

just because it's beautiful doesn't mean it's superficial all silicon (would rather be stripped bare. pure in itself) nudity doesn't scald if you have nothing to hide. of course, we all do. shiny metal

portals down your back. trace, to another world.

touch me.

flickering. candles? hot flame dancing. soft seduction. burning. melting into every groove. candlewax flowing - bodies/souls entwining. it's warm. wet.

(i do know. just keep reminding me. we all need to remember. of what?) (the question: of what? what? ?)

neotrinity/trinityneo this doesn't matter anymore oh...

so this is love. not the full physical thrust of it - love. love, love.

(this can't 'possibly be'
this can't 'happen to be'
is) is what? (the question, marked)

everything else is gone when the world ends but we're still here hold me down make love to me some things are meant to last.

do you feel this?

you're never going to lose me.

(club. dancing. not like we are now. black leather, sleek, stripped away. 'the trinity' then, but i'm just you. feeling, longing. desire. satisfied.)

hold me.

(it's the question that drives us it's the question that brought us here now all i want is the answer)

i Love you.


End of Transmission

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