Welcome to xJAYMANx.com! Launched way back in 2000, this website began as my rather crude personal website. Over the years, professional and portfolio elements were eventually incorporated, while personal elements and overall style continued to evolve. Right now, the current design is "Black Toybox 2007" Version 5.0. In fact, this Version 5.0 design not only applies PHP, but also integrates a blog for the first time. Well, enough of the history lesson. I hope you enjoy your visit! ~ xJAYMANx (July 2007)

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"Never forget how to play..."

xJAYMANx grew up with a predilection for science, mathematics, drawing, and those ubiquitous LEGO blocks, building anything from racing cars to Star Wars fighters and transports. Beginning his college career in Architecture and Psychology, he somehow ended up with a degree in Civil Engineering. Bouncing around from his home state of New York to Cleveland, Ohio, xJAYMANx inevitably married and settled in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1998 (and amicably divorced in 2006). Tinkering with web design, enduring some data entry and suffering brief but necessary stints as a mortgage agent and licensed Realtor, xJAYMANx currently and thankfully works as a technical writer/editor for TRIRIGA (a leading Software-500 company), and unabashedly plays as an evolving otaku/collector of anime and Asian entertainment, as a newfound graduate/fan of P90X, and as the hybrid designer of his own personal home-fitness program, J200X.

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