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Year 090 A.Z. - Ten Years Ago

Before the "Aaron/Miriam" Mission

Name Position Age Yrs Freed Yrs on Nos Description
Helios Captain 40s ??? 8 Bio | Captain of the Nosferatu for five years.
Million Commander 30 ??? 6 Bio
Unicorn Sr. Operator / Lieut. Cmdr. 30s ??? ??? Bio
Hitchhiker Jr. Operator 21 Zion-born 2 Bio
Threads Crewmate /
Part Medic
20s 1 1 Bio

During the "Aaron/Miriam" Mission

Read "The Sunset">>

After the "Aaron/Miriam" Mission

Name Position Age Yrs Freed Yrs on Nos Description
Kan-chiang Captain ??? ??? 0 Bio | With Helios' death, new captain of the Nosferatu.
Million Commander 30 ??? 6 Bio
Hitchhiker Sr. Operator / Lieutenant 21 Zion-born 2 Bio | With Unicorn's death, promoted to senior operator by acting-Captain Million. After two years, promoted to lieutenant by acting-Captain Million.
Threads Medic 20s 1 1 Bio
Sky Crewmate 20s ??? 0 Bio


• Prior to this mission, Jayman, only 18 years old, is freed by the hovercraft Rosicrucian (nicknamed Rose), captained by Kan-chiang, and taken to Zion.
• "Aaron/Miriam" Rescue Mission. First contact is Million/Threads. When Aaron/Miriam are ready, Helios offers the red pill. | Read "The Sunset">>
• Aaron/Miriam, only 14 years old, are freed by the Nosferatu and taken to Zion.
• Hitchhiker blames himself for all of the deaths.
• As a result of Helios' death, Captain Kan-chiang leaves the Rosicrucian (nicknamed Rose) in honor of his debt and promise to his friend Helios, a promise to take care of the Nosferatu and Helios' son Hitchhiker.
• As a result of Unicorn's death, Hitchhiker becomes Senior Operator.
• Hitchhiker is promoted to lieutenant as a result of his role in this mission.
• With the Nosferatu's losses, acting-Captain Million accepts Kan-chiang as new captain, and Sky as new crew member. Sky was also freed by the Rose and Kan-chiang.

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