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• 29-June-2004 - See - New "Oodles of Noodles" by Jayman
• 06-June-2004 - Read - Updated RWF "Ch.2 - Lotus" Page 6 by the Nos Crew
• 06-June-2004 - See - New "Live Journal" by Jayman
• 06-June-2004 - See - New "Oodles of Noodles" by Jayman
• 01-May-2004 - Read - Updated RWF "Ch.2 - Lotus" Page 5-6 by the Nos Crew
• 18-Apr-2004 - Read - New "Really Good Noodles" by Jayman

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Website Summary

The HL Corps! This website weaves the 100-year-old tapestry of the 'Nosferatu,' one of the ancient hovercrafts that comprised the Rebel Fleet of Zion. Among its long command lineage, Helios captained it from 085 to 090 A.Z., then Kan-chiang captained it from 090 to 100 A.Z. In an alternate-universe (AU) role-writing fic (RWF), Jayman captained it from 097 to 100 A.Z.

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Live Journal

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