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"what's wrong?" i said,
"i don't understand!"

"that's right!" she screamed,
"you don't understand!"

"get out!" she shoved
and slammed the door behind me
yet all i could do was stand numbly in the hallway

to nurse my wounds,
both physical and cynical,
under the crackling cackling fluorescent light

she was right, after all,
i didn't understand her

i couldn't understand her
narcissistic loves or
monotheistic fears or
anti-depressant hopes or
self-destructive dreams or
decapitating nightmares or

her intermittent urge
to inscribe her bitter misery
onto her deftly-traced double-spaced skin

and all i could do was stare blankly down the hallway

in bruised silence.

but when i heard her cry,
her sobs shattered my doubts
and i turned to her door once more

with a determined sigh,
i shut my bloodshot eyes
and raised my knuckle to the artificial wood

and knock-knocked.