to the Cast

    cast ~ here's the cast thus far:

    • Jacob "Jayman" Mandara - played by Xjaymanx, introduced in post 01a

    • Miriam Saint-Peters - played by Xjaymanx, introduced in post 11a (03a)

    • Akiko "Lucky" Yoshikawa - played by Xjaymanx, introduced in post 27a

    • Mr. Williams & Othello - played by Xjaymanx, introduced in post 19a

    • Squad Leader Vanderson - played by Xjaymanx, introduced in post 22a

    • Zacharias Rubick - played by Grendelsbayne, introduced in post 01b

    • Dr. Andrew Lun-kuai - played by Apollo, introduced in post 06c

    • Ethan Mance - played by RolandofGilead, introduced in post 27b

to xjaymanx

    howdy folks, greetin's and all manner of salutations. pardon my asiatic mug and post-aussie twang...

    my name's jayman, (well, jacob is more rightly, but jayman sits more kindly 'pon me.) and i'm an honest t' badness bounty hunter (and not-so-gone smuggler on them snail-slow times). scored a jumpin' big'un a few moons past. but sadly, them slain me ol' cap'n, partner, and lao xiong... a once-in-a-'verse friend. kan-chiang he was. don't doubt he d'serves a pause and a mighty long one a' that...

    well, the rest o' the crew were likewise snuffed or 'standably retired with their cut o' the prize. but me an' retirement, we don't kindly square each other in the eye. 'stead, i'm is lookin' t' patch t'gether a spit-shiny trustworthy crew t' hunt under the banner o' the Rose. ah, the Rose. tha's kan-chiang's jewel, his ol' firefly-class transport. he'd a called it a "bucket o' jewels" (heh-heh)... but the Rose smells as rightly sweet as her name. and as tough as gorram nails. dunno if i can wear this blazin' badge o' "captain" as fine as he...

    been brought up in a worl' of left-trues and right-lies, so i seen me share o' frenzy. don't care t' elaborate, ya 'stand. but if yer a decent soul o' strong body and sound mind, i'll lend an ear... and perhaps a gun.

    x jayman x

to Role-Writing Fic

    note - in a nutshell, it would be fun to start a rwf (role-writing fic; as opposed to a points-and-dice role-playing game) like others i've done for the matrix. like jacob/jayman above, i'm looking for a few decent-to-good writers who can spin a fine tale in whedon's world. it would be great to find:

    • a right-hand mate, a whiz mechanic, a sharp pilot, maybe three folks, maybe rolled into two, maybe all rolled into one. but the more the merrier.

    • and if necessary, passengers/renters to help pay their space.

    • other than myself, no more than 5 or 6 writers who can jot a couple lines maybe couple paragraphs every other day; and no one-liners

    • i'll start with the directing, but i'm also willing to co-direct this fic-play if my time is tight.

    • let's begin. we find jacob/jayman in his search for a new crewmate or few... he may bump into dozens of characters (you the poster) but only a handful if any will catch his eye...

    • i apologize if i pass up on your character/post, but it ain't easy to trust out here...

to Fic Setting

    fic director's note ~ i didn't think it would be needed, but maybe the fic's gotten complex enough to use it... here's some information on setting.

    • our characters are currently located on the large moon named Santa Maria. along with two other smaller uninhabitable moons Nina and Pinta, the Santa Maria revolves around Columbia, the fourth planet of the Desertina star system, a frontier system about a week or so from Persephone. Miriam currently resides on Santa Maria.

    • the main town of Santa Maria is Winding Valley. a modest town, Winding Valley is about a dozen blocks long and no more than a half dozen blocks wide. along one end of the main street is the spaceport, where the Firefly-class Rose is parked. several blocks towards the center of town is the Rollin' River saloon, where its waitresses wear flowery dresses of yellow, blue, even red. at the other end of the main street lies a small winding river, where the town acquires its water supply.

    • except for the small river, the edges of town are surrounded by barren desert. several miles beyond the desert in every direction are hills and mountains. the river stretches back to one of these mountains.

    • at least two major gangs work the crevices of town. one of these gangs is run by Mr. Williams, an "old coot of ill repute".

    • down on the planet Columbia, one of the major towns is Christobal. several times larger and more-populated than Winding Valley, Christobal also has a spaceport, plus a small local Alliance station and medical facility, but nothing nearly as fancy as the core planets. the Alliance station is responsible for no more than a half dozen 12-man squads and a half dozen ASREVs (Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessels). the medical facility has a staff of a half dozen doctors and their various nurses and other assistants.

    • if anyone has a good objection, i'd be glad to edit the above.

to Ethan Mance

    Hello there, name's Ethan Mance.

    Just a man like any other on this God-forsaken moon. Got my own business, Ethan's Equipment. Small place, specializes in repairing engine parts and the like. I also sell parts though. Whatever you may need, I've a wealth of useful gadgets; some legal, some not so much.

    Business ain't great, but it's not as if I chose this life. My father was a business owner himself, though a much more successful one. He manufactured weapons on Persephone, a much needed commodity on the rim. In fact, business was so good back then that my three brothers and I had to fly out and distribute to surrounding planets once a month. Only had one ship to do it in, though she was a beauty: Firefly-class. I piloted and left my brothers to the business transactions. I look at those days as the happiest of my life.

    But then the gorram war started. My pa, siding with the Alliance, cut off business to the border planets that were forming Independence militias. As if that weren't enough, my brothers and I were forced to join up with the Alliance forces and go to war. I tried piloting, but couldn't wrap my head around anything but a Firefly so I was stuck in infantry. Gotta say I didn't make much of a soldier. Nothin but luck kept me from the grave. I finally got out of the fightin' when I took an injury at the Battle of Du Khang. Some crazy Independence bastard shoutin' and rainin' gunfire at my troop put a bullet through my knee, renderin' me incapable of combat. My brothers weren't so lucky. All three were killed fightin' that gorram war.

    Now, I spend my days on this moon tryin' to earn enough to either keep my belly full or keep a lit cigar in my mouth. Just a hobbled shopkeeper, trying to retain the memory of his glory days, and those monthly flights with my brothers in that Firefly.